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The therapeutic benefits of the wooden Tongue Drum: a musical harmony

Young woman playing a wooden Tongue Drum during a meditation session in the forest

Thanks to these sounds, the Wooden Tongue Drum offers deep relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety . It’s easy to use for relaxation and therapy.

It also improves sleep and concentration. The vibrations of this instrument soothe the mind and body.

This contributes to total well-being. This instrument is perfect for healing percussion and holistic music. As such, it aids in deep relaxation sessions, guided meditation and music therapy.

Music therapy with the wooden Tongue Drum

Musicotherapy helps well-being via music and instruments. The Tongue Drum made of wood is perfect for this. It has soothing properties and plays beautiful melodies.

The principles of music therapy

This method uses sounds to heal the body and mind. The Tongue Drum made of wood can reduce stress and help you sleep better. It is also known to relieve pain from long-term illnesses.

Some percussion instruments are tuned to a special frequency, 432 Hz. This frequency is considered harmonious with the universe. Thus, the therapeutic effect is amplified.

The importance of vibrations

Vibration is essential to the Tongue Drum. When the tongues are struck, they vibrate and produce sound. This sound propagates through the instrument. Many people tune their Tongue Drum to the frequency of 432 Hz. They believe this frequency is harmonious with the universe. This makes for an even better listening experience, ideal for meditation or sound therapy.

Some Tongue Drums feature note adjustments. So you can customize the sounds to suit your taste.

Sound production

A great sound comes out of the Tongue Drum thanks to its resonance box. This box amplifies the sounds of the tongues. There are versions with multiple tongues, offering an infinite range of notes. Some Tongue Drums are even double-sided. This means you can get sounds with different pitches, from 432 Hz to 444 Hz. The sound possibilities are rich. These instruments are perfect for relaxing and meditating. The sounds emitted help to relax mind and body.

In short, the Tongue Drum is more than just an instrument. It’s an ideal companion for finding serenity and deep relaxation. The vibrations it produces are soothing.

Handcrafted wooden Tongue Drum for music therapy
Handcrafted wooden Tongue Drum for music therapy

Practical application of the instrument in music therapy

The Tongue Drum made of wood is widely used by many therapists. It is ideal for sound therapy. It is often used in meditation and yoga.

Wooden Tongue Drums can have from 7 to 13 notes. This offers a wide musical range to suit every patient. So everyone can experience a tailor-made musicotherapy session.

Drum typeTherapeutic uses
Wooden Tongue DrumMusic therapy, meditation, relaxation, yoga
Steel Tongue DrumMusic therapy, meditation, relaxation, yoga
Summary table of Tongue Drum therapeutic applications

The benefits of Tongue Drum

The Tongue Drum is very useful for feeling better. It makes you feel calm thanks to its soothing sounds. This greatly helps to reduce stress, concentrate better and manage anxiety.

Stress reduction

Playing the tongue drum helps you relax deeply. Its relaxing sounds lower stress. This helps you feel calmer and happier. What’s more, research shows that tongue druming reduces stress when played often.

Improved concentration

By improving concentration, the tongue drum is very useful. Its precise notes encourage you to listen attentively. This helps with difficult tasks or studying.

Managing anxiety

This drum also helps to better manage anxiety. The vibrations it creates boost well-being hormones. It makes you feel calmer and more serene. So playing the tongue drum leads to deep mental and emotional relaxation.

Stress reductionReduces tension.The soothing sounds reduce daily stress.
Improved concentrationBoost focus.Harmonious notes encourage greater concentration.
Anxiety managementBrings calm and serenity.Vibrations stimulate the well-being hormones.
The health benefits of drumming

Using the Tongue Drum for meditation

Meditating with the wooden Tongue Drum is fascinating and sensory-rich. This wooden percussion instrument creates soothing vibrations. It’s part of the idiophone musical family.

Technique de méditation avec un Tongue Drum en bois en pleine nature
Meditation technique with a wooden Tongue Drum in the heart of nature

Preparing for meditation

Creating a peaceful place is vital for meditating with the wooden Tongue Drum. Look for a quiet, comfortable place to reduce distractions. Take time to sit down and calm down before playing.

Specific meditation techniques

The wooden Tongue Drum helps you concentrate with its vibrations. Thanks to the pentatonic scale, it offers relaxing music without false notes. This facilitates meditation and mental relaxation.

This instrument is ideal for guided meditation or mindfulness. Its gentle sounds allow you to feel a great well-being. It exploits special sound properties to promote relaxation.

Sometimes tuned to 432 Hz, the wooden Tongue Drum brings deep relaxation. This tuning attracts musical wow. It promises a more complete meditation by harmonizing with universal vibrations.

Deep relaxation and body care

The wooden tongue drum creates sounds that aid deep relaxation and body relaxation. It’s a unique percussion instrument. It has a metal or wood resonator with tongues of different sizes. These tongues produce specific musical notes that calm the body and mind.

Soothing sounds

Tongue drum vibrations increase good hormones such as dopamine. They also help you relax through breathing and meditation exercises. This reduces anxiety, improves sleep and enhances well-being.

Effects on body and mind

This instrument has many benefits. It can help against

  • Hypertension
  • Muscle pain
  • The pain
  • Stress
Video of soothing sounds with a wooden Tongue Drum


What are the therapeutic benefits of the wooden Tongue Drum?

The wooden Tongue Drum helps reduce stress and improve concentration. It also helps manage anxiety. What’s more, it offers deep relaxation and helps you unwind.

Are there different types of Tongue Drums for meditation?

Yes, there are steel and wooden Tongue Drums. The steel type has clear tones. The wooden type offers warm, rich tones.

How to use a wooden Tongue Drum for meditation?

First, create a quiet space. Then, use the sounds of the Tongue Drum to meditate. You can practice techniques such as mindfulness.

Is the wooden Tongue Drum used in music therapy?

Yes, it’s known in musicotherapy for its ability to relax. Vibrations and sounds help the mind as much as the body.

What are the effects of the soothing sounds of the wooden Tongue Drum?

These sounds help you to relax deeply. They promote balance between mind and body. What’s more, they can reduce high blood pressure and muscle pain.

Which wooden Tongue Drum to choose for music therapy?

Some wooden Tongue Drums can be tuned to different sounds. This is done with electronic tuners or small neodymium weights.

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