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Artists and musicians playing the wooden Tongue Drum

The wooden Tongue Drum has been around for several years now. It was inspired by a thousand-year-old instrument called the log drum in ancient civilizations. Back then, it was a wooden log hollowed out so that the slots produced a musical sound. This instrument has evolved to offer contemporary artists a new symphonic variety.

All styles of music can now incorporate the Tongue Drum. This brings a natural touch and sound to today’s music. By watching the following videos, discover international stars using these instruments. Here’s what artists and professional musicians think of wooden Tongue Drums.


Brian Blade is an American jazz drummer, composer and bandleader, widely recognized for his expressiveness, technique and ability to navigate between different musical genres with ease. Born on July 25, 1970 in Shreveport, Louisiana, Blade has become one of the most respected and influential drummers of his generation.

In this video Brian Blade tries out a wooden Tongue Drum from the WoodPack® brand for the first time with its creator Boris Cellar. Check out his first reaction, playing this instrument:

Benny GREB

Benny Greb, born June 13, 1980, is a German drummer, clinician and educator renowned for his incredible technique, musicality and innovative approach to drum teaching. Greb has distinguished himself in the music world for his ability to play in a variety of musical styles, from jazz to funk to rock. He’s a great percussionist.

This video was taken at the DrumFest festival. Benny Greb seems to enjoy this instrument, as well as its smell. He plays a wooden Tongue Drum from WoodPack®.

Giovanni Hidalgo

Giovanni Hidalgo, born November 22, 1963 in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is recognized as one of the greatest congueros of his generation. Born into a musical family, his father José “Manengue” Hidalgo was a renowned percussionist, and Giovanni grew up surrounded by drums, bongos, congas and timbales. He started out with a conga made by his father.

His solo performance was a hit at the One Day Jazz Festival. Check out his performance on a Tongue Drum at this concert. The audience loved the sounds of this instrument.

Richard Bona

Richard Bona, born on October 28, 1967 in Minta, eastern Cameroon, is a Grammy-winning musician renowned for his virtuosity as a bassist, singer and multi-instrumentalist. His music skilfully integrates his African roots with a broad spectrum of global and jazz influences, demonstrating his exceptional talent and versatility.

Listen to his creativity with this Tongue Drum, which he is trying out for the first time. This instrument reminds him of African sounds. A true artistic moment with this internationally renowned artist.

Tongue Drum WoodPack®, a real hit with professional musicians

For many years, WoodPack has made a name for itself among artists and musicians worldwide. The quality of these percussion instruments is recognized in the artistic world. This brand, concerned with the growing interest in original sounds for contemporary music, has quickly become one of the unavoidable leaders.

The wooden Tongue Drums are handcrafted with clockwork precision to produce a unique and recognizable sound. The materials used are of the highest quality and, above all, environmentally friendly. This brand is now part of the musical landscape in the percussion field. Discover the strengths of the various manufacturers on the percussion market.