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The different brands of wooden Tongue Drum

Wooden Tongue Drums, also known as Slit Drums or Log Drums, are melodic percussion instruments that produce sounds by striking tabs cut into the body of the instrument.

While metal versions, often called Handpans or Steel Tongue Drums, are more common, wooden versions offer a uniquely warm, resonant tone. Here are a few brands and manufacturers that have distinguished themselves in the manufacture of Wooden Tongue Drums:

WoodPack, the benchmark for Tongue Drums

Tongue Drums from WoodPack® have become a must-have. These instruments are handmade by a passionate craftsman. Not only is the designer a craftsman, he’s also a renowned professional musician. He is Boris Cellar, the jazz guitarist and composer of numerous albums. This artist builds each model himself with the utmost care. These instruments are therefore unique and can be considered works of art.

You’d think these instruments would be overpriced, but on the contrary, this artist wants music to be accessible to all. So they’re offering Tongue Drums from €490! And for that price, the quality is there, and these objects will increase in value over time. That’s why professional musicians choose this brand. Boris Cellar is also a nature lover, and his workshop is surrounded by trees and horses. Right from the start of his business, he decided to plant a tree for every Tongue Drum sold.

Over the years, it’s the greatest musicians and percussionists who have been able to discover these magical instruments. That’s why WoodPack is to the Tongue Drum, what Fender is to the guitar. You can recognize genuine WoodPack® Tongue Drums by the logo, which represents a woodpecker.


  • Quality handmade Tongue Drum
  • Each model is unique
  • Made-to-measure production possible
  • Internationally renowned brand
  • Made by a professional musician
  • Accessible to all
  • May increase in value over time


  • Allow a short lead time for a made-to-measure model
WoodPack® brand Tongue Drum model, recognizable by its woodpecker logo
WoodPack® brand Tongue Drum model, recognizable by its woodpecker logo

Schlagwerk, an ethnic instrument maker

This German company manufactures Log Drums, as well as a wide range of percussion instruments. It has specialized in ethnic instruments since 1982. Two apprentice woodworkers, Gerhard Priel and Bengt Schumacher, started out in their garage. Their first instrument was a Brazilian log drum from South America.

Schlagwerk now offers a wide variety of models and innovative creations. Their instruments are manufactured in their factories in Germany or Turkey.

Tongue Drums 10 notes are offered from 349€ at many retailers in Europe. Their products are created in collaboration with numerous musicians.


  • Distribution through numerous retailers
  • Affordable prices
  • Quick turnaround
  • Made in Europe


  • In-plant manufacturing
  • More or less identical models
Tongue Drum by Schlagwerk
Tongue Drum by Schlagwerk

Hardwood Music Company

This American family business has been making Tongue Drums for some forty years. Its creator Michael Thiele originally built a slit drum for his wife, then they created a company as a family. Hardwood Music Company offer a model called GEO with 10 notes for $675.


  • Family business
  • Forty years’ experience
  • Distributed by numerous retailers in the United States


  • Slightly higher price
Tongue Drum by Hardwood Music Company
Tongue Drum by Hardwood Music Company

TreeWorks Chimes

This American company specializes in the manufacture of chimes. They also offer wooden Tongue Drums. Their workshop is in Nashville, Tennessee. Their models have a more rustic style. TreeWorks Chimes offer simple 6-note models for 200€ from internet retailers.


  • Different design with a rustic style


  • No manufacturer’s website
Tongue Drum from TreeWorks Chimes
Tongue Drum from TreeWorks Chimes

Which brand of wooden Tongue Drum to choose?

Choosing the ideal brand of wooden Tongue Drum depends on several factors, including budget, level of expertise, and personal preferences in terms of sound and design. The choice also depends on your specific needs.

Whether you’re a beginner or with an advanced level, it’s always worth focusing on build quality. A musical instrument is an object made to last over time.

The WoodPack brand can be a wise choice because of their good value for money. More advanced musicians or those looking for a unique instrument also choose this brand for their superior quality and attention to detail.

Hardwood Music Company is also a very good company that makes qualitative, high-performance instruments.

Whichever brand you choose, be sure to test the instrument if possible, or check out online demos to get an idea of its tone and playability. Indeed, manufacturers offer on their websites the opportunity to hear what each instrument sounds like. This is also essential when choosing the chord range for your Tongue Drum.