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Who are we?

Welcome to our joyous sanctuary of sound, where the vibrations of the Tongue Drum meet the groove of percussion to create a symphony of friendship and laughter! Think of us as a group of musical adventurers, rhythm charmers and sound sculptors. In other words, we’re percussion enthusiasts. 🥁

Our adventure began with a stroke of rhythmic magic, when the urge to share our love of percussion instruments with the world burst like a cymbal in the night. Since then, we’ve made it our mission to spread the joy of bewitching rhythms, the magic of drum sounds to the four corners of the internet (or almost). 🌎

Our troupe is a kaleidoscope of virtuosos: there’s Jean, capable of bringing a djembe and a Tongue Drum into perfect harmony (it’s an art, not a science); Marie, whose solos on the cajon have the power to transport the listener into another dimension; Alex, proud owner of an international collection of percussion instruments, each with its own story (and yes, he’s mastered every one of them! ); John, a professional musician living in New York; not forgetting the other members of our team, each bringing their own unique note to our collective melody. 🎵

We firmly believe that music is a powerful force capable of bringing souls together, pacifying hearts and spreading joy. That’s why our aim is to take you on a journey of percussion discovery, to teach you the subtle art of making a tam tam sing, and to share with you our passion for music that touches, inspires and moves. 😃

So, if you feel like shaking up your daily routine with exotic rhythms and positive vibes, you’ve come to the right place. Join us on this rhythmic, melodic and sometimes comical odyssey of musical discovery. 🥁☝️

If you’d like to send us a message, please contact us via this form.